Wordly Beauty

I've witnessed a spectrum of people that would rather be caught dead than to have their picture taken dressed in their work attire.

That's alright, it's a choice.. although I believe there's so much more to the image than just a reflection of the kind of job they have.

I however, recognize the fashionable, colourful and beautiful side of it.. this is what I'm vigorously searching to explore with this new body of work; worldly beauty.

This work aims to honour people who work "dead-end jobs" that they and society believe one could never be successful working. These jobs are often certainty that these people continue to live hand-to-mouth and never achieve their dreams. I want share with people that the key with these jobs is what they do with the knowledge and skill they acquire on the job.

I want to bring into the light how these minimum wage jobs have various success stories of children put through school and snatching greater opportunities than those offered to their parents.

Snatching greater opportunities than the only choice their mother, father, brother or sister had, but to wake up every morning, put on that uniform and get to work.

Shout out the these unsung heroes, to the ones who serve our country day in and day out.